LunCo - Virtual Universe for Real Space Missions

Open-source simulation tool designed for planning space missions

LunCo: Virtual Universe for Real Space Missions

LunCo is a open-source simulation tool designed for planning space missions, with a focus on lunar settlements.

Built with the powerful Godot 4 engine, LunCo aims to revolutionize the way space engineers design and collaborate on complex systems.

🌌 Vision

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive suite of open-source applications tailored for Lunar Base engineering, including:

  • Unified Platform: LunCo serves as a central hub, bringing together the best of open-source space engineering tools, offering a unified experience for users.
  • Requirements Management: Streamline and manage your project requirements with ease.
  • Models Visualizations: Visualize and interact with your designs in a 3D environment.
  • Collaborative Training: Train and collaborate with your team in real-time.
  • Digital Twin: Create a digital replica of your lunar colony for simulations and analysis.

Early Development version

🚀 Features

  1. Lunar 3D Mapping: Dive into a high-resolution 3D map of the Moon, offering unparalleled detail and accuracy. Plan your missions with precision, leveraging real lunar spatial data for an immersive experience.

  2. Collaborative Mission Design: Work in real-time with fellow space engineers from around the world. Share, discuss, and refine your lunar mission designs in a collaborative metaverse, powered by web3 tools.

  3. IP-NFT for Designs: Protect and monetize your innovative space mission designs by issuing them as Intellectual Property Non-Fungible Tokens (IP-NFTs). Showcase your expertise and gain recognition in the space engineering community.

  4. Decentralized Engineer Profiles: Create your decentralized engineer profile. Manage access, showcase your projects, and connect with peers in a secure and transparent manner.

  5. Interactive Training Modules: Engage in hands-on training sessions within the LunCo platform. Simulate real-world lunar scenarios, test your designs, and receive instant feedback, all within a dynamic and interactive environment.

🛠 Installation

  1. The development is done on Linux Mate, so there could be issues running on Windows and MacOs. Please reach us

  2. Install Godot 4

    1. Your Godot installation has to be available via comammand line. Check this tutorial to set it up
  3. Install FBX2glTF:

    1. Download the file and place it somewhere. Do not put it into LunCo folder, as you could have issues with git
    2. Godot will ask for this file when you will open the project
  4. Install git lfs

  5. Clone this repo in a terminal:

	git clone -b main --single-branch --recurse-submodules
  1. After cloning, change directory to project folder
	cd lunco-sim
  1. Run below command to install addons using gd-plug
  1. Open the project in Godot and run

🌐 Community & Support

Join our vibrant community and stay updated on the latest developments:

💖 Support LunCo

If you appreciate our project and want to support our mission, consider making a donation on Donors receive ~70% back in GIV tokens.

Or get our Profile NFT